Juicer, Blender, Grinder 2in1 


2in1 BLENDER 1058


Juicer, Blender, Grinder 2in1

Variable speed control creates precise textures from coarse to ultra-smooth
Pulse feature starts and stop on command to refresh refresh recipes and provide add texture control
7020, 7025 aluminium with copper motor or all copper motor
Powerful,high-performance motor propels blades through ingredients to create the highest quality blends
Metal drive system provides maximum durability and won’t wear like plastic
1.5L PS jar, with grinder function, ABS housing, 6 button with 4 speeds or 4 button with 2 speeds
Low-profile,1.5L capacity container is perfect for meals and entertaining and easily stores under most cabinets
Spill-proof lid with removable lid plug seal securely,allowing ingredients to be add while processing
Specially designed tamper allows for the continuous processing of thick,dense ingredients
Big jar with cross blade,grinder with flat blade, easy to clean


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